Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I’ve got some.

So the other night I was drifting off to sleep and contemplating how I would manage dyeing larger quantities, such as dyeing 8 ounces of roving instead of 4 ounces. Currently I’m only able to fit 4oz of roving in my dye pans at one time without loosing dye saturation. Hmmm. Bigger pans? I have yet to find bigger pans that I can afford. Then it came to me. But I can’t tell you yet. Sorry. I’m still working out the details but I think it will be super fun and open up a new world of creativity for the spinners.

Second bit of news, a newsletter. I’m currently looking into starting up a newsletter. I’ve found a provider to use for this and I’m just working out details, such as design and content. Some things that might be included in a newsletter are: news (of course), shop updates (you’ll be the first to know), patterns, and discount codes. This design aspect of business is a fav of mine, sometimes hard, but always enjoyable.

In dyeing news, semisolid. With the release of Cookie A’s book Sock Innovation and with all the wonderfully detailed sock patterns available I decided it was time to give a little love to semisolid dyeing. This is not to say that I will change my dye process. You’ll still get the speckly, splotchy, and mosaic effect but instead of using 5 or more colors, I’ll use 2. Only 2.

Oh, more news. I’m working with a graphic designer/photographer who is helping me create a logo. This kinda goes back to the newsletter; I wanted a logo that would be recognizably mine. I’ve got lots of ideas but needed someone to help me tame them all into submission. This is an exciting prospect. 1,000 Petals will have an official logo, not just something I whipped up in Photoshop.

And the last bit of news. Not really news but brainstorming. I’m considering starting a fiber or yarn club. This is still in the “thinking about” stage. Deciding what type, how much, how many, theme… lots to think about and ponder.

So there you have it. All the mingled thoughts that penetrate my gray matter exposed to the world.

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you go girl!!! i love the name of the blog! and the idea of a newsletter is good.

petals of fiber...what if you made little fabric ball like drops of water. i don't know if you could get a picture of them falling like pedals from a tree but if not, maybe put them on a background an moving the camera a bit so they look like they are falling...

so much for unsolicited advice!