Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Big Reveal - Fraternal Twins Roving

Rebecca & Regina

Fraternal Twins Roving – The Same but Different

Brad & Braden

As requested 1,000 Petals is now offering 8ounces of roving, kinda.

Fraternal Twins Rovings are divided into 4oz each. Each is dyed using the same exact dye solution, but the prep of the fiber causes the dye to absorb at different rates. See what I mean, the same but different.

Imagine the possibilities. Spin each as a single and then ply together. Or you could spin alternating sections of each twin. Or you could spin and ply each twin in your preferred way and then when knitting, knit each on alternate rows. This would create a stripy effect, but using the same colors.

Liza & Lily

By-the-way, I would love to see your finished yarns.
Update will begin at 8pm Eastern.



Morandia said...

LOVE this idea! Great job!!

Lotusknits said...

Thanks so much. I'm glad I couldn't sleep one night 'cause this is what came of the lack of sleep.