Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What can I say?

I have lost some of my knitting mojo. I am still knitting, and probably a lot compared to most, but instead of knitting 3-4 projects at one time, I am knitting 1 project. I would show a pic of the one and only project, but it has been raining sooo much here. I also have a couple pics of finished projects to post, but haven't taken the pics yet. I one project I am knitting, the Montego bay scarf out of some of the silk yarn I died. If you would like some of this yummy soft silk yarn you can find it on my Etsy site: 1,000 Petals. PIMP PIMP! Anyway back to the knitting. I just can't seem to find a pattern I want to knit. I started some socks - they are pretty - but can't seem to find the motivation or willingness to work on them. I do have to say I have been extremely busy! Not only did we get a new laptop, but last night I drove off the car lot with a new car...and it is soooo purdy! We got a Mercury Milan in Satellite silver. The interior is black...all back leather with insets that are a blue/silver suede. This is the first care I have ever had that was Brand new...only 4.8 miles when I drove it off the lot. I love it lots!

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