Friday, July 13, 2007

He's a keeper!

A few night ago I finished my Clapotis. I flung the yarn and needles into Paul's lap, just playing with him. He picked up the needles and wanted me to show him how to knit. Thinking he was kidding I continued sewing in ends of yarn. He meant it. I started to show him an easy cast-on...which was not good enough...he wanted to know how to do a Long Tail cast-on. Okay?!? I showed him...and he did a damn good job for the first time. He then needed to know how to do a Knit stitch. Again a few minutes demonstrating and he picked it right up. After the cast-on row and one knit row though...It is not for him. It hurt his wrist...I explained that was because he was very tense, but that would go away in time. He gave the two rows back to me and said knitting probably isn't for him, but he could see how it is very relaxing and meditative. I don't mind that he doesn't want to knit. But, the fact that he was interested enough in what I was doing that he would take time to learn...that means so much!
Today I got home from work and look what DH had made for me. He made it...for me! So wonderful! It works perfectly!


firedupfairy said...

ahh! too cute! i tried to teach randy "poke, wrap, wee" but he didn't get it. or, he refused to get it :o)

love your swift! i'll have to make one of those. right now, i have one of our kitchen chairs turned upside down.

RobynR said...

How lucky are you! Love the swift/winder setup.