Wednesday, July 4, 2007


So...this is a pound of sock weight yarn. It is very daunting considering that I don't have a skein winder or swift or yardage counter. So...this is being done very slowly. I have a knibby nobby (whatever they are called) that I had Paul make for me that measured 1 yard. So I wind this by hand and then count each strand keeping track on a row counter. Hope to get more efficient equipment soon.

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firedupfairy said...

that is definitely a pain in the hiney! word of advice~ go to a sporting goods store like Dicks or Bass Pro Shop (tho that might be far) and buy a fishing line counter. I bought one from Dicks for less than $15!!!! it does the same as the yardage counters for a LOT less money!

i'm not sure what you're niddy noddy is made from, but if it's PVC you can make the long center piece longer so that you have a 2 yard skein. i made a pvc niddy noddy and cut several different lengths for the center piece so i can switch them out and make 1, 1.5, 2yd skeins.