Sunday, July 15, 2007


I am trying to put together an etsy store.
Little confused at this point. I didn't register my username at the name I wanted for the store. Bummer! I am concerned about getting orders and making sure they go out on time...One of my biggest concerned. I want people to be happy with my service and I want orders to go out ASAP! Concerned about how payments will work. Wondering how paypal with work with etsy. I am concerned if the yarn I have created will even sell. Lots of questions on how, what, when, where. I will figure things out...but I hate not knowing.


firedupfairy said...

don't stress about it. you're taking a risk, but it's not too big, and you're getting your yarn out there!! when i opened my etsy, i had no idea whether my yarn would sell or not, especially since those first 3 skeins were dyed with wilton's cake dyes. but, they sold!! one right away, the other two were sold together about a month later. and all of my orders have been with paypal and i've had no issues at all. they've sent emails right away.

now, if only people would buy my stitch markers, i'd be a happy camper!

RobynR said...

Eeee! How exciting for you. Can't wait to browse your wares.
We missed you yesterday btw, and I love your little meez.

Lotusknits said...

Thanks you for your support!

Robynr...I really wanted to be there. I will absolutely be there this coming Sunday.