Wednesday, June 3, 2009

get back to the normal

"It's probably just a stomach virus or food poisoning. You just have to wait it out."

Ummm. WRONG!!!

"Mr. Husband, you are going to have your appendix out...tomorrow" He had the appendectomy and now is recovering slowly but steadily.

Is this explanation enough for why I've been absent lately? So I will not ask forgiveness for my absence, and I might take a while in getting back normalcy. But I'll get there.



a piece of unasked for advice from one with a 6" insision on my belly. people who have the tummy cut want to give into the pain, walk a bent. the thinking is that once they are healed, they will able to stand up straight. that is so wrong because at that point they have to streatch out the scare tissue. so if your dh starts walking at anything other than straight up, warn him!!

Lotusknits said...

The funny thing is...the first night a friend saw him walking all bent and said "stand up straight".

Robin said...

Make sure he walks every two hours and drinks lots of fluids so he doesn't get "backed up". Standing up straight was really good advice- from a nurse and one who has had more than her share of abdomenal surgery.

Morandia said...

things are ok at least. Hang in there!


fyi....i finally figured out how to get the jasmine story pictures to stick! check them out! make ya go awwww!