Thursday, May 28, 2009

am i a photographer yet?

Decided to try out the "shoot first. ask questions later." approach to photography. I feel like I got a few good shots. I had to turn every shot to B&W simply because of the horrid lighting in the studio. To the naked eye it looks great, but as recorded by the camera, not so good. I'm really trying to find a new freedom in my photography. Let's face it, we no longer have to concern ourselves with how many frames we have on a roll of film. 24. 36. It's now a matter of 1g, 2g and more of memory. I can take as many pics as I want and if I get a few good pics, bonus. Otherwise if I don't get any good shots, I still have a great time.
So here's the question. When can you I call myself a photographer? I can pick up 2 pointy sticks some string, cast-on a few stitches, knit few stitches and call myself a knitter. So...when? I've developed my own film (many times), printed my own photos (many times), and had a darkroom at one point. Photographer yet?
About these pics
top: Gaylin
bottom: Paul (foreground) and Jim (background)
This was band practice last night. You can check out the rest of the pics on my flickr page.


Tim said...

You can call yourself a photographer as soon as you make/take your own photographs. There are different levels of being a photographer from novice/amateur to professional. And then there are also specific types of photographers such as being a nature photographer, a photojournalist, a wedding photographer or a portrait photographer.

Just as you can pick up two sticks and some string and start knitting and call yourself a knitter there are varying degrees of knitting ability.

My roommate in college and I got into a heated argument because if he could pick up a guitar and play music could he then call himself a guitarist or a professional guitarist? That is where the line blurs. What is your ability level, desire and whether you make a living doing it are some of the criteria that will determine what level of a photographer or guitarist or knitter you are.

Much of it will be what you feel your capabilities or desires are. Some people pick up their camera and plan to make a career out of it and call themselves a professional photographer right from the very beginning. Others pick up a camera and photograph their world their entire life constantly improving their abilities and never call themselves anything but a photographer, if that.

So you are a photographer, but what kind of photographer?