Saturday, June 20, 2009

Phat Fiber Rocks!

I've been waiting for this day. I received the June Phat Fiber box. I'm now going to take all these fibers and card them up into rolags and corespin them. This should be some crazy fabulous yarn.

April Box

May Box

June Box



i am so green...guess what dummie forgot the times!!! do me a favor and remind me the next time!


you need to check out two of my friends on ravelry...shepherd susie and jacobs rewards (farm) would enjoy!

The Hatdiva said...

I'd love to buy these, but they sell out too fast! I've been thinking of donating 50+ items just to get my own free box.

What would you like to see of mine? mini batts, uncarded dyed wool...or yarn? I can't decide.

Lotusknits said...

Hatdive I love your batts. I think people would really enjoy seeing a sampling of them in their box.