Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tour de Fleece - should I?

Ahem. Should I join? Should I commit? Oh man, this really shouldn’t be as stressful as I’m making it for myself. It just looks like so much fun, and I really do love to spin. What could it hurt?


Here we go…I’m in. I’m spinning for the Tour de Fleece. Commitment made. You wanna spin too? Here are the links. Ravelry group and Flickr group.

For my fellow tour spinners, up until the last day of the tour (July 26th), if you purchase spinning materials from my shop and enter the code: “spin it up” you will receive 10% off your purchase price.

Here come the lists, I have a thing for lists. Lists allow me to clear my brain of all the clutter. So I make lists. Just sayin’.

The guidelines:
see them on the Ravelry group

Preparation (for myself):
1. Free the bobbins. This will give me 7 bobbins to rotate through. Also need to fix one of my bobbins, I accidentally dropped it and part of the wood split a wee bit. Just need some wood glue to fix it, no biggy.
2. Post a note on the etsy shop to let everyone know that I will not be dyeing for these 2 weeks. I’ll continue to ship any orders received, but no new listing will be posted.
3. Gather up all the materials, give Stella (the wheel) a cleaning and good oiling, card up the sari silk with the silk noil, and set up a comfy spinning area.

Commitment to spin:
1. Hand carded silk/silk noil rolages – I’ll mix up some sari silk threads and black merino roving and spin from this. I’m considering this my challenging project.
2. Core spin Batt from Spun Right Round – pics to come soon. I’m going to core spin this batt. With the skills I learned from the Sit and Spin DVD I should be able to tackle core spinning again with more success than the first time I tried. I just don’t want to screw up a lovely batt.
3. Handdyed nymph roving – I’ll dye this colorway for myself. Not sure of the colors, but this merino/seacell roving is amazing I just can’t resist the opportunity to spin some up for myself.



you go girl! i bet you can do it!

Morandia said...

good for you! I'm in for Team Enchanted Elves. I'm hoping to get some of the tons of batts I have sitting around. See you at the race!