Saturday, January 10, 2009

color sample cards - how I made a set

I found these from Color Source Book for use with Jacquard Dyes. Since I use Cushing Dyes I decided to make a set for myself. Here's how I made them. First I dyed small lengths of yarn with each color.Supplies: card stock, stick glue, dyed yarn, scissors, and small crochet hook

1. Printed the color names on card stock and then cut them up.

Printed the name and type of dye.

2. I then added a dab of stick glue to the back. Anchor the yarn to this and started wrapping.

3. Using a small crochet hook I tucked the yarn under the wraps.4. Then using the palm of my hand I firmly pressed the yarn into the glue. Repeated these steps for each card.

Once I get a hole punch I'm going to put them onto a ring.


stringcat said...

Those are neat! How did you dye the short lengths of yarn? I use Cushing dyes, so these would be really useful to me! :D

Lotusknits said...

Cushing dyes also. I forgot to add the pic of the dye process, so I updated the post.