Monday, October 8, 2007

perfection sucks!

The left panel of the Starsky cardigan went very smoothly. The right panel howerver has been kicking my ars! First I was about 5 inches in the pattern portion of the panel when I discovered that I twisted the cable in the wrong directions. Instead of holding the 3 stitches to the front, I held them to the back. At first my though was to just let it go and then I decided that I would never be totally happy with it if I knew there was this ugly goof up. So I frogged that. Then, I was about 1 inch from binding off at the top when I realized that I had no decreased enough on one of the edges. Was it the center edge or the armhole shaping? Who knows. So, again I frogged it to the point of shaping the center edge. I am currently re-knitting this and have finished the armhole and center shaping and I have the proper amount of stitches on the needles.
On the home front...I painted the dinning room yesterday and DH scrapped up all the linoleum in the kitchen/dinner area. It was so ugly and yellow and had to go. It wasn't part of our original plan, then again the original plan was only to paint the project room. Since then we added the bedroom, kitchen/dinning room, and living room. I also convinced DH to let me put up a tile back splash in the kitchen. Damn DIY channel!

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