Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cat Rocks!

So, I am probably one of the last to figure out that Cat Bordhi rocks! But, I have been hearing lost about her and I had seen one of her videos on YouTube. Well, I figured I would take a look at her other videos. OMG, she makes so much sense and makes me want to try to a magic cast-on again. I tried it once and it did not work for me. And I just reached the increases on the Hourglass sweater which were ktfb increases and I wasn't that happy with them, like Cat says they leave a knit zit. Like I said, I watched the video on decrease and used her SSK decrease technique. I love this because it is the nicest looking SSK. So, her increase technique is going to be used for the rest of the Hourglass, just saying. I know I am rambling, but I am very excited.

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