Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I can explain...

We have been so busy around here.

Did we watch too much DIY? First it was the craft room (right). I wanted to take down all the ugly ass wallpaper, paint the room, and add a nice long project table. So, we started this. Then, I have been wanting to remove all the hideous paneling in the whole house. There was wood paneling and fake brick paneling in the living room. There was more wood paneling in the dinning room and fake red brick paneling in the kitchen. There was also wood paneling in the bedroom. So, one day after work DH decided to pull off all the wood paneling. This has led to lots of spackling, and drywall work. And...lots of DUST! The best part, if you notice on the bottom left pic of the dinning room there are black strips on the wall. This was were the paneling joined and they didn't want the light paint showing through. Who knows how much primer it will take to cover these. The strips are in the dinner room and bedroom. Good times!

Also, Sunday while at the coffee shop I was going to take some pics of my WIPs, but instead I decided to break my camera. I set my knitting bag down in a chair and it fell over and the camera went tumbling to the brick. There is a crack across the middle of the viewing screen, which meant I could not see what I was taking a pic of. How can I live without my camera? So, Monday night I went and got my new toy.

It is so cute and thin. I love it. I had an Olympus before and I'm familiar with the many functions, so another Olympus meant I didn't have to learn how to use it.

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