Sunday, August 26, 2007


Quick update...AC is working!Good thing for everyone around me...I don't deal with heat well!

WIP. Top-Down sweater. This is the first v-neck top-down sweater that I have knit. I need to come up with a name for this sweater. I love seed stitch, so I am using it on all the edges. The sleeves have been taken off the needles and body has been joined under the arms. Continuing with the v-neck, with hopes that it will be a fairly deep v-neck before having to join. The fabric that the yarn is creating is very soft. Yarn from knitpicks...can't remember which yarn, it is one of my post below.
1 of 6 has been sewn up. I still have to do some hand stitching, but that can wait. I treating this like an assembly line, and with all the lines of the pattern being straight I can use a rotary cutter which makes cutting very quick. I am able to cut through 6 layers of fabric at once. Once these are done I think I am going to make some stuff to go on etsy with the remaining fabric.

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