Monday, August 27, 2007

Rip it...Rip it Good!

Yes, I am going to have to frog back about 2 to 3" of knitting. This is supposed to be fitted. As you can see, it is not. So two choices: 1. put some ribbing around the waist area or some darts to pull the torso area of the sweater in. 2. Frog it back and make it right. I choose #2. If not I would not be happy with it and would not wear it. I wanted it fitted, I need to make it fitted. Not sure what is going wrong with my top-down sweaters, they are either too small or too loose. When I tried it on before removing the sleeves from the needles and placing them on scrap yarn, it was actually feeling a bit tight. So, I am going to rip it back into the sleeves a couple of rows, then join sweater under arms and this time I am not going to add stitches under arm. This sweater is a difficult one. You know...So far I suck at sweaters. Out of the 4 I have made, I only wear 1. The others have had bad issues. I would like to add this to the sweaters I wear.

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