Sunday, March 15, 2009

Year of the Garment

magical sweater notes

I'm so into making sweaters. I've started 2 sweaters so far. The February Lady Sweater and my own Magical Sweater. The Magical Sweater is still in the planning and spinning stages. I figured out the stitch patterns I'm going to use and I've created a schematic (not shown). Above you can see the general notes on how I want to construct the sweater. It will be knit in pieces (fronts and back first) then I plan to seem the sides and top. From there I will pick up stitches and knit the sleeves down from the body. I'll then add the front/neck ribbing and pockets. Good plan right? I've finished the first bobbin of brown and turquoise. I'll next spin the bobbin of natural. Then brown and turquoise. Then natural. You get the idea. I just want to break up spinning the natural since this might bore me. One concern...after dyeing the brown and turquoise, it's feeling a little rougher than the natural. I'm hoping that after plying and bathing in conditioner it will soften up.

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