Saturday, March 7, 2009

little about things

I have this idea. Not an original, but an idea. I going to dye, spin, and knit a big comfy sweater. Why is this interesting enough to post about? Well, I've not done this before. Here's what I'm thinking. The roving: 1/2 lb brown, 1/2 lb natural, and 1/2 pound turquoise. From here I don't know if I'm going to spin the turquoise and natural together and then spin that with the brown. Or if I'm going to spin each single and then do a 3 ply. I hope to get a worsted weight. I'm going to do small sample of each to swatch and see. Once the spinning is done then I hope to do a sweater like this. It has some sort of cable and bramble type pattern. Only on the front, which will make the project quicker. It should be simple to design, drop shoulders so no sleeve shaping.

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