Tuesday, December 2, 2008

watcha knitin'?

Yes, I am still knitting. It seems I haven't been blogging much about it lately. Oh, I'm thinking about doing a couple vlogs (video blogs). I thought that would be fun. Anyway, well most of my attention is going to handmade items for Christmas gifts. My Mom's sweater being first on the list. It's a top down v-neck sweater with a 2 row pattern repeat. Simple enough but not to boring to make my mind melt to mush. Still knitting on Paul's socks, 2 done so far. This past weekend I decided to work on some WIGP's (weekend instant gratification projects). I knit 3 pair of Garter Stitch Mitts and a sideways garter stitch hat. I'm also still working (slowly) on my clapotis. Most Christmas gifts this year will be knit or handmade in some way. I'm making some pendents for some and knits for others and I don't know what for the rest.

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