Friday, December 26, 2008


Okay, time to take a break. Thank God I took next week off from work. I finished Mom's sweater and Dad's blanket. I think they liked them.
Dad wearing his blanket.

Yarn: Lion Brand Thick & Quick.
Mods: I used size 15 needles instead of the recommended 13. I only did 4 panels instead of 5. That's about it. Mom's Sweater

Pattern: Personal Pattern. Created using the help of Sweater Wizard. Top-Down.

First Spin

Used 1 oz of "Ra" superwash wool. 4 oz of Ra is available on my etsy. ***self promotion***.
I am very proud of this first try at spinning on a wheel. The Wheel? Stella a Kromski Minstrel. Yes, her name is Stella and I love her.
Special thanks to Mom and Dad for this wonderful gift.

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