Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spinning Pr0n

Well, I ended up drinking the purple kool-aid. I am completely and totally in love with spinning. Knitting around here has slowed to a crawl, although I did knit up a cup cozy for Paul. It was made out of the Platinum Print handspun.

I started virtually shopping for a spinning wheel. I picked up the recent copy of Spin-off magazine and they had an article on wheel comparisons. When I was first thinking about spinning I thought I would just get a Babe wheel due to economic reasons. But after some though I feared I would just be paying a nicer wheel within a few months. So, just make the big purchase. I tried to approach this very logically. I created a spreadsheet with wheel broken down in to price categories. $200 to $300. $300 to $400. $400 to $500. I then listed the items that could be included in a package deal and treadle type. This was much like the article. Then with a check list I checked the ones that would come with 3 or more bobbins. Then checked the ones that included a lazy kate. Then attractiveness. These were things that were important to me. This narrowed the list down to 3 choices, when I had the choices that had all three checked. The Kromski Minstrel, Lendrum Original (complete Kit), and the Ashford Kiwi. None of them even remotely look alike so my attractive category is weird. But I like the looks of each of them for different reason. I then did some research and read customer reviews for each. So, which did I choose?

Kromski Minstrel with the mahogany finish. Oh My! So Purdy! So Sexy! Now, I have read that it might be a little difficult for a beginner to get used to the double drive wheel. I hope that this can be overcome with just a little patients. Oh, and brooklyntweed did not help with his photos of his Kromski Minstrel wheel on his flickr. Okay, I just spent 30mins being totally distracted by his flickr. I actually forgot I was blogging.

More fiber on 1,000 petals.

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