Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Neglected Garter Stitch

My first stitch learned was the garter stitch. This is probably true for a lot of knitters. The first stitch I teach people is the garter. But, I found that as my skills have advanced my pattern choice has neglected the garter stitch. Why? Did I think it was just a stitch for the newbie? Did I think I was too mature as a knitter to use this basic stitch? I don't know that answer. I do know that as of last night I reaffirmed my love for garter. This is my declaration. No longer will I neglect this stitch. No longer will I poo poo the use of garter in patterns. The garter stitch is freaky faboo. Who was I to point my nose down on this stitch? The revelation came last night when I was viewing the pics on the flickr Garter Stitch group. Such great projects! And not just the baby surprise sweater. Although I did jump right up, grab 3 coordinating colors, and cast that sucker on. Not just the washcloths. 'Course y'all know I just made a butt tone of those recently. There are such lovely shawls, sweaters, and blankets. Inspiration galore. There is also the FLOGS (for the love of garter stitch) group on Ravelry. They have fabulous info, patterns, and pics on that group. My hearts flame for garter stitch has been ignited. Burn Baby Burn!

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