Tuesday, August 19, 2008


While in college I was totally into photography. I even had a darkroom in my house. There came a time when I made the decision not to pursue professional photography and eventually I stopped altogether. Well, I was married and I essentially allowed my husband at the time to pursue his hobby/business while I allowed mine to fall to the wayside. That was about 7 years ago. Digital photography and manipulation was just emerging as an alternative to the darkroom for the hobby photographer. I was so set against digital photography. It just wasn't the same. Oh how wrong I was. Well, it is not the same...its so much better. But in a different way...you know.
Strange how things in your life cycle around. After giving up on photography I dabbled in different hobbies. I can't sit still and I am a creative person...I had to be doing something. Stamping. Beading. Sewing (well I've been sewing for a long time). Whatever caught my fancy. Then Knitting. Knitting then initiated the desire to take photos of my progress and FO. Once a camera was in my hands again it was only a matter of time. At first it was a point and shoot. I have now gone through 2 point and shoot cameras. They were both good but there was an itch to have more creative control of my photos. You know that previously on my blog I showed off my new hotness. I like to call her Yummy Camera Goodness (totally stole that from my husband and Sara). It's all coming back to me now. I will admit there is a learning curve. Here is one issues I am having. Lighting. It is very hard to get good natural light in my house. We are surrounded by trees. It is great for our electric bill...no sun beating down on the roof during the summer heating up my house. But I don't have any windows that give a nice stream of filtered light. My loving husband bought me a little light tent with two lights, which works...but still not as good as natural light.

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Andrew said...

We bought a house with plenty of big windows all along the back of the house ... but the sun rises on one side of the house, travels around the front/top, and sets on the other side. Bummer.