Saturday, August 2, 2008

Knitting for Florida

Years of knitting and I finally get it. I live in Florida. I can only wear wool sweaters about 5 to 10 days a year. Even if you get up in the morning and it is really freakn' cold, but mid day it is hot. So...I need to start thinking Florida knitting. Cotton, Linen, and Silk need to become my friend. This is what we can wear most of the time. So in thinking in this new way my Christmas knitting planning is focusing on things that will get the most bang for the buck. Me and Ginger went yarn shopping today and I picked up some yarn for my Christmas list that fits the Florida thinking. I also am going to buy some cotton blend for a cardi for mom (Dad, don't you tell her. Although I think she already knows). I found a nice cotton wool blend. This will be perfect for when she needs a little warmth. I picked up some fingering weight 4 ply cotton to make Orangina by Glampyre Knits. I'm also going to use some Silky Wool to make the February Lady by Flint Knits. Both are lacy which I think will be perfect. I will still make a wool sweater here and there for those 5 special days a year.

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