Monday, August 18, 2008

Lovin' a Noro Afghan v2

You know - there are just some projects that every stitch is a joy to knit. Well this is that project for me. I love working on this pattern. Since there are only 9 stitches to work across you really get to see the color changes with the Noro, which I just love. 'Course there are the usual Noro yarn issues, I'm overlooking these.
Things I love about the this pattern.
1. Because you are working from the center out, you can just keep goin' until it is big enough.
2. Much like a ripple blanket, you can use all kinds of colors and they seem to work together.
3. There is not seaming. This is done while you knit around.
4. Color. I'm just using random skeins of Noro Kureyon that caught my eye. Most have some form of turquoise/aqua color, but some do not.
5. Stupid simple, with only 9 stitches to work. The last stitch is slipped and you pick up an edge stitch and then knit the slipped stitch together with an edge stitch. There's a little short row action goin' on at the corners, but that is no big deal. So, in all...this is a great pattern. Well, the actual written pattern is not all that great, but if you've been knitting for a little while you can kinda figure it out.
So, I will just keep going around and once it is big enough I'm going to add a border. I don't know what kinda border...hmmm...yeah...don't know.
I was listening to the Yarn Harlot on Knit Picks podcast and she was talking about enjoying your knitting. How if you don't enjoy a project why do it. She is so right. I wasn't enjoying the first version of this afghan. Once I came to terms with my dread and restarted with this version...Much Love.


RobynR said...

Thank you for changing your colour scheme! The old layout left me half blind for twenty minutes ;)

Lotusknits said...

Hey, no problem. I like the clean look of this one.