Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Vanishing Act

I am not purposely trying to be absence from this blog. I am simply knitting my fingers to the bone, and it is really hard to type without any flesh on your fingers. I am trying to get two sweaters done before my honeymoon which starts Saturday. Yes...that is right Saturday. I did complete the Sizzle pattern (I will post pics later). I was actually about 3" too big, and I had gauge. Well, because time does not allow for frogging and rekniting...I put that baby through the serger and sewed up the sides about an 1 1/2 half on each. This also meant that I had to take in the arm holes also, again I sewed it up. It does not look the best on the inside, but the sweater looks great when I put it on. The Crisp Rectangle tunic from Fitted Knits is partially done. The front is complete and the back is about half complete. Once the back is complete I will still need to do the sleeves, top and bottom edges...oh crap...I need buttons. Well, back to the knitting.

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