Thursday, May 24, 2007

I may be mad we go. I was inspired by Miss Violet's "mission possible" when she cleaned out her studio. My plans reorganize the dressing room. This will start tomorrow by going to Target and getting some hangers, and two dirty clothes hampers. I plan to get ride of lots of clothes that I just don't wear anymore. I cleaned out my closet about a year ago and didn't get rid of everything, thinking that I would wear them again. I didn't, so they are going to go to Salvation Army. There are two dresser in this room, one for for Paul. I want to move than to either side of the large closet. Did I mention that this room has two closets. That is nice. I am then going to put the two hampers on the wall were one the dressers are, getting the dirty clothes off the floor. You know, now that I think about it...if I am going to get ride of lots of clothes, then why would I need more hangers? I will get them anyway, you never know. I will give myself Saturday and Sunday to do this. Update pics should come on Monday. Don't guess I will be doing much knitting this weekend. Hahahaha, who am I kidding? I can always squeeze in knitting.

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