Monday, May 25, 2009

You spin me right round baby

Handspun yarns. What can I say except that handspun yarns totally excite me. I mean like really excite me. Especially since casting on for what I'm calling the Spring Weaver Shawl. It doesn't hurt that this fiber from BMFA is simply fantastic. The depth that handspun creates is so stunning. And I'm not a perfect spinner. My finished yarns are by no means balance and even, but that's okay too. It's another reason I adore handspun so much. And really you can start handspinning with minimum funds. My first spindle was made by my husband for under $5. Roving prices can very but I would say average is about $15. Twenty bucks and you are ready to spin. Hours of enjoyment for $20. Not only do you have the spinning that will be so satisfying, you then turn around and knit or crochet with your handspun. More hours of enjoyment for $20. Now granted I did spin this on my wheel, but that doesn't negate the fact that it could have been spun with a spindle.
Here is a list of my fav flickr groups that might inspire you to start spinning, and they may inspire you even if you currently spin. This list is a mix of spindle and wheel spun.

Hope these groups help to get you excited about handspinning.


Leslie Shelor said...

Oh, cool! I've been on flickr for years and didn't know about any of these groups. Thanks!


i love to watch spinners at work! but become one...can't happen. but i am glad in your etsy site you have roving and spun yarn so you meet both fiberholic needs.

o, every time i try to get your button to put in my blog, i end up in your etsy site! is there a trick i have not learned? will you teach me.

also, if i saw some roving that i liked, could you convert it to something i can use?