Thursday, April 5, 2007

Whats Goin' On...

I get so excited to Dye yarn. The one above is going to greens, blues, and some brown/orange. I am going to design a pair of socks with a bamboo theme and I think these colors will be great. The most of the colorway is the greens and blues with small accents of the brown/orange. I am very excited...didn't I say that already?
Also I am working very hard on the Turtleneck. I on the rib portion of the bottom. Just for the record I am not fond of doing ribbing, it slows me down so much.
I am have also been working on the French Market Bag. I am going to change size by increasing to the bottom stitches to 250. Which will work out to 62,63,62,63 on the four needles. I will bind off differently also, but I am very happy with myself because I figured out the math all by myself. I suck at math normally, but Yeah I did it!

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