Monday, April 2, 2007

Overwhelmed Much?

This post is more about getting stuff out of my head, so it stops swimming around and not letting me concentrate on much. I have things on the needles and in Q.

On the needles:
1. Turtleneck Tube Vest. I had the body joined and about an inch down, but tried it on and it was not tight enough, I was afraid the chesticles would fall out. Visited the frog pond and ripped it back about 2". Rejoined the body and instead of adding 9 stitches as stated in the pattern, I did a 3 stitch purl. This still looks good and will give better coverage.

2. 2nd Anastasia Sock. Finished the first sock. It is a little too tight around the cuff even though I used an elastic bind off. I think I will rip it back and redo the cuff on size 2 needles.

3. French Market Bag. Working on bottom. Found another set of size 7 needles. I bought 2 skeins of brown and 1 of turquoise. I think that was a mistake...but I have a solution. I am going to work the bottom in brown, then do a wide strip of turquoise, then again with the brown and finish with the turquoise handle accent. I think that will work out well.

In Q:
1. Crisp Rectangle Tunic. Need to swatch.

2. Entrelac Felted Knitting Bag. In process of designing.

3. Paul's Sock. My own design. I have dyed the yarn. It came out really pretty. Plan to do a mock cable/rib pattern. Cuff down, because of the thicker heel flap...not because I like them better. I really am digging the toe-up designs.

Now...that's better!

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