Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sprinkle Dyeing - a tutorial - Part 1

I'll call this Sprinkle Dyeing. I consider it a hybrid technique because of the aspects of hand painting and kettle dyeing. This is a technique I developed through trial and error. There may be a different or many different ways to create this same effect, but this is my way. I'm breaking this down into 3 parts to make posting easier on my side. I might (not promising) try to put this into a pdf. format for download.

Dye pan (I use a large aluminum roasting pan) EDIT: it's a roasting pan...I don't know if it's aluminum
saran wrap
glove and mask (you will see that I don't use these)
undyed yarn (I'm using a superwash yarn)

Step 1 - the presoak and prep of yarn: I first soak yarn in a water/vinegar solution for 1-2 hours. I then place these skeins into my washing machine and set to spin cycle removing alot of excess water. One skein is placed into a roasting pan and any other skeins are set aside. I then randomly spray the skein with hot water. This is so that part of the skein is really wet and part is just a little damp.

Step 2 - the dye prep: Depending on how many dyes I'm using (which ranges from 5 to 20 colors for one skein) I set up wee little plastic cups and scoop out the dry dye crystals. Just a little in each cup.

up next...Part 2


Morandia said...

ACK!!! talk about a cliff hanger!! Thanks so much for posting this!

Lotusknits said...

Part 2 will be posted tonight. I'm breaking it down into 3 parts. Mostly cause I have to take pics of the finished yarn and I will not have time tonight.

Morandia said...

I completely understand.. but it was funny - excitedly reading and then... empty space - feet dangling over the edge like that...

I did laugh out loud.

Bee said...

thanks for putting a tutorial out there! that is so cool of you to do so.

what exactly is kettle dyeing? i've always wondered what kettle dyeing was...just cos i haven't been able to find online how you do it. not that i'll be dyeing but it might be useful incase my creative juices ever flow that way.

Morandia said... when I think kettle dyeing, this is what I think of

Lotusknits said...

Morandia - thanks for the link.

Judith said...

hi - FWIW, you mentioned you were dyeing "superwash", so am guessing it's wool? in which case you shouldn't dye in aluminum because it reacts with the dye and can give strange results. Try using enamel coated stainless steel or stainless steel pans instead.