Thursday, February 28, 2008

Looking better

So things might be okay. Got payment for first order. Sending out tomorrow.

%&(*#@%^&*#^%$ paypal

ARRRG! I have sold 3 skeins of yarn. That is so exciting, but the payment have not posted in my paypal. What the F***? I had to actual email the buyer and ask them to verify payment. I hated doing this. Truely sucks. I want to give the best costumer service that I can, but this is not looking good for me.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I have a decision to make. There is an opportunity for me to sell my yarn through consignment with a online store. So, I don't know. I have to figure out it this is going to profitable. I don't mean profitable in the sense that I am going to make a lot of money, but I need to make enough to continue to buy supplies to dye more yarn. I have said it before, the selling part is not the important part for me, but I have to sell my yarn to do what I love to do which is dye the yarn. I would get a lot of satisfaction out of other enjoying the yarn I have dyed. Decisions. Decisions.

I joined the Mystic Light KAL. This is the first time I have every done anything like this and it seems like so much fun. No knowing what the final piece is going to look...scary but fun. I have dyed up 2 skeins of yarn that I am going to use for this. I know a lot of people are using fire as an inspiration for there colors of choice. But, when I first heard of this I though of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. So I dyed up a skein of purples, blues and a little red.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dye Experiment

This is a tale about two skeins of un-dyed yarn. They both started off okay, but only that. So, after admiring the Araucania Ranco Multi I bought last weekend and trying to figure out how they did it, I figured "what the heck"

I pulled out the dedicated dye pot and just started pouring dye in. The first skein came out damn good as-far-as I am concerned.
The second...Ummm, not so good. A friend said that the brown/green areas kinda looks like decaying flesh. Nice.
So, what have I learned? My friend is gross. It is fun to experiment. And, I love this technique. I have re-skeined the green/blue skein and it looks to good. I am going to have to do some more experimenting to see how colors mix and mingle, up until now I had some control of where it went, no anymore. I love the out of control aspect of it though. Seems very organic. I have a tendency to get very uptight about colorways. This is a way for me to let loose. AHHH so free.
By-the-way the second fleshy skein will have a 3rd chance. I am going to try the browny/fleshy areas with more magenta to see if I can deepen and redden them up.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Etsy update

My new series inspired by the movie Howl's Moving Castle. I got the dye pots out and this is what happened.
Can be found at my Etsy shop 1,000 Petals

Curled in a Cave Sweet Shop

Coat for Howl

Field for Sophie

Sunday, February 17, 2008

LYS is Evil but oh so Nice

Went to Knit-n-Knibble yesterday. I was very please with what I brought home. This time I took my Ravelry queu list with me which made things so much easier. The yardage and weight and the little pic is so great. I had my top ten patterns that I wanted to make and the info I needed to make them.

I finally got some Malabrigo. Sqeeeee! The Silky Wool is for a sweater for Paul. It is a nice healthered black. Not pictured are 2 skeins of Cascade 220 in a lovely deep red, 3 skeins of Cascade heathers for a Clapotis, and another skein of Cascade 220 just for whatever, probably a hat. Good trip!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Everyday is a good day

Here she is.
My love! This is the first "real" knitting bag I have every owned. I have made a couple and used other bags as knitting totes. The pic is not that good, it has been rainy and deary all day so I had to do a inside shot. Also pictured, sneak peak at some recently dyed yarn for the etsy store. I have a few more to dye and then I will put them up, probably this weekend.

Monday, February 11, 2008


I will post a pic of my new best friend tomorrow. I want to take some pic in the daylight.

I joined Knitwars check out the blog for more info. I have been resisting and I don't know why, most anything that lime 'n violet do is fun. And this is fun. I am going to do something that Miss V. talked about, were the gold coins earned represent money that can be spent on yarn. Anyway, good time, go it, do it, do it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

so here is what happened

The ob/gyn pretty much told me to try for a year and then come and see her. I understand what she is saying. We can't say that there is an infertility problem if there has been no trying. So, I am not going to think about it any more for a year. So, I am resolute to not think about it.

I got the blank yarn I ordered and have been dyeing about. I just love to dye yarn. I have no specific way to dye. I have been kettle dyeing, hand painting and a combo of the two. Here is a skein of yarn that I dyed for myself.

I dyed 2 skeins and plan to knit a clapotis. Believe it or note this started of as turquoise and purple. I didn't like that much so I overdyed it with magenta and got this lovely plum type color.

I am currently working on dyeing up several skeins to go on my etsy shop. I am doing a series on the movie Howl's Moving Castle.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Little stressed and edgy. I am going to see my OB/GYN tomorrow. Normal visits would not bother me, but tomorrow we are going to discuss pregnancy. I have been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic overian syndrom). This is one the leading causes of infertility and the possibility of miscarrying is high. I am prepared with questions. I am not trying to get myself all worked up, but I want to be educated. I want to know what can be done and the type of treatment that is available. This doesn't seem to be a big deal to most I am sure, but I am not one to require a lot of time from my Doctors. I typically go in, give my story, and out I go. So, this time Paul is going with me, he will force me to ask and take my time until I am satisfied. I am not expecting to get pregnant right away, I know that this can take time, or maybe it will hapen right away. Who knows. I think once I get some info and get educated about what to expect, I will feel better.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

new book

Got this stitch dictionary yesterday. I don't do alot of crochet, but thought it would make a good addition to my libary. It has like over 200 different stitches, Wow!

Reservations are made for St. Augusting in April. Probably one of my favorite cities. It is so full of tourist, but I don't care. Can't wait to go.

Malabrigo. Malabrigo. Malabrigo. This is my current obsession. I don't have any yet, but plan on making a trip to my LYS next weekend to buy lots! I just love the colors and the way it is knit up. I want!

Just purchased the Namaste Everyday knitting bag. And Two GoKnit pouches in lime and red.
I was looking at getting a Jordana Paige bag, but I have a love for the color turquise and more than anything, it was the color that got me. I felt that they are both fairly similar. Not the same by any means, but the both have great options. So it was the color. Can't wait for it to arrive on my doorstep.