Sunday, October 19, 2008

Disney World in October

What a great weekend for a theme park. Too bad I just a nasty cold. But we did get some rides in before the mack truck full of snot hit me. When we got there Friday night we went straight to the Magic Kingdom. We got there at the right was in the middle of one of the night parades so we headed to the Haunted Mansion, no lines. Then, to the Thunder Mountain Railroad, very short line. Then, over to Pirates of the Caribbean, no line. We road 3 rides in under an hour and still got to watch the fireworks. By that night though I could feel myself getting sicker. When we woke up Saturday morning I felt okay but not great. But by Saturday night the truck hit. Damn. Ever since then I have felt like ass. Oh well, we have annual passes so we can go back anytime.

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