Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Good thoughts to all involved in the I-4 70 vehicle pileup today. This happened this morning at about 5am due to smoke and fog. This particular part of I-4 is low lying and tends to have issues with fog anyway, but this morning due to a "controlled" burn which was not control 4 people have lost there lives. Why didn't they close that portion of the highway? This is what I want to know. visibility was only about 10 feet. Why didn't Florida Highway Patrol think it was necessary last night to close this portion of the highway. Well, I am thinking we need to rethink there ability to make good decisions. And whose idea was it to do a controlled burn when it is so dry around here, and so windy. I am no scientist, but I would think it would be best to do these things in the rainy season so that when they do get out of control there will be a little help from nature. Just saying!
Anyway, my thoughts are with the family and loved ones of the one lost today to this ignorance.

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RobynR said...

Hey Julie,
The controlled burns are deliberately done at this time of year to prevent wildfires. The rationale is that if they burn out the dry vegetation on purpose, with fire crews on hand and precautions taken, they can avoid the nightmarish fires that we're prone to throughout the drier months.
Can't tell you what was going on with the FHP . . . other than not anticipating that the smog would suddenly thicken to pea soup proportions.
Not that any of this is any comfort to the people who lost loved ones or were badly injured but nothing, including rage, really is.