Saturday, January 19, 2008

long post...just really inspired.

Knitting: Annie Modesitt is so freaking cool! Just saying. I was watching some back episodes of Knitty Gritty. She was showing her combination style of knitting. So, I decided to try it. Dude, seriously, love! The fabric created is so nice and even. The stitches are slightly smaller but they look great. It just makes sense once it is set up. Try it, you might like it too. Started a couple new projects even though I told myself not to. I am just kinda bored with my current projects. The baby surprise jacket did get completed though, all it needs is buttons. So, at this time I have...Ummm...let see....7 projects on the needles and one projects that still needs mods made to the sleeve. Oh well...what can you do? The yarn has been calling to me, how can I resist? The above swatch is for the Oblique cardigan from Knitty fall 2007 issues. So, the pattern calls for heavy worsted weight yarn. I bought heavy worsted weight yarn. Pattern calls for size 7 needles. As you can see it is good to do a swatch. I ended sizing up to size 10. I think part of it was the combination style knitting and maybe my yarn just wasn't heavy enough. But I did end up getting gauge, the fabric looks great and that is all that matters.

Photography: I am going out tomorrow after cleaning the house to do some photography. Little nervous, but I am going to just try to be natural. I don't want to try to force a photo to happen. Also, working on learning Adobe Photoshop CS2. I have been kinda playing with it since Thursday and downloaded some podcast tutorials. This program is pretty intense. I am really excited about what it can do. The above photo was taken inside the coffee shop which has horrible lighting. One of the tutorials was on color correction and I used it on this photo. It was very easy, but I had to follow along with the tutorial when correcting the first photo.

Art: Went to Pearl art supply store today with our new friend Johanna. We had such a great time. I got some more stamp carving material and wire. I want to try to knit with wire. Johanna and I also talked about working with Precious Metal Clay. I have worked with it before but she has not. It is really great stuff, a little hard to work with but that is okay it produces some really fun and awesome silver pieces.

I am so inspired right now. So much to creating, so little time.

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