Monday, September 3, 2007

Trial and big ol' Error!

From design to finished project. My first attempt at a potholder. It started of great. But, the finished object looks like ass! The binding turned out awful. That's okay...learning experience.

So, there are 9 layers of fabric/batting in this. Next time I will leave out the layer of batting in the hand flappy things, and maybe a layer out of the base. I heated up an iron skillet to 350 degrees and held it for a good while and felt only a little heat through the pad. I don't think I will be holding anything for as long as I held it so, I think a layer of batting out of the base would not be a bad thing. So back the the drawing board on this one.
Next, I want to make this. Burda Pattern 7866. I was inspired to make a tunic top after reading Fuzzy Noodle's post about her tunic. She used a totally different pattern and did a lot of mods. I don't know that I will be able to do mods as well as she did, so I bought a pattern that is already fairly fitted at the waist/hips. I did get a black t-shirt like material just like her...I am such a copy cat. I also got the magazine "SewStylish". The pattern on the front cover is Simplicity "Sew Stylish" pattern #3631. There are like 11 different patterns that you can make after some mods that are explained in the magazine. I am liking the jacket, without the ruffle sleeve thing. They do have a long coat version of the same short jacket that looks really cool. So, I think I am off to layout my tunic pattern and see what happens.

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